Business Athletics


Don’t think outside the box, Create it.

Professional career support by 30,000 Feet

As the leading consultancy focusing on behavior change and wellness, we love taking professionals out of their comfort zone. Ultimately, we provide a year filled with scientifically proven life and business hacks designed to break your old patterns.
We provide a competitive advantage to our clients vs. their competition. We build high performance people through creating a new life and business operating system. Our clients master productivity, time management, communication, wellness and clarity of their career journey.
Our clients enjoy focus, purpose and a defined mission in life and business. This is not a motivational seminar or program, instead we offer an intimate experience of powerful information designed to be implemented daily.

Hear for yourself how we empower professionals to win

Business Athletics Membership

What you will receive

  • 12 monthly group video calls per year with Business Athletics community
  • 4 private video/phone calls per year with your 30KFT career support professional
  • Job placement assistance 
  • 2 weekend retreats per year ( 2 full days, fully catered)
  • On demand career consulting available

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