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30KFT is the world’s first business Consultancy that helps organizations, entrepreneurs and individual professionals excel in careers and life. We provide scientifically proven physical, emotional and mental systems that help enhance performance in tandem with the latest thinking in business.
For far too long PEOPLE have neglected physical, mental and emotional health in business. SICK and overwhelmed people make more mistakes and ultimately hurt the bottom line. Healthy people with clarity of purpose contribute to a company’s culture, and profits.
We’ve combined management consulting, executive coaching, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and wellness into a massively EFFECTIVE practice. Engage us to empower your people or come to one of our symposiums.

Our Founder’s Story

Founded and facilitated by James N. Kinney, a serial entrepreneur, author, musician and business athlete. Kinney started his diversified group of holdings with $200 in 2010 and to date has represented some of the world’s most recognized people and brands through his companies. Kinney’s clients have included Forrest Whitaker, Lucinda Bassett, Apple, Google, Toyota, Morgans Hotel Group, Estee Lauder, IBM, City National Bank, Kaplan, DELL and many others.

Kinney learned how to walk again at the age of 16 after a near fatal car accident and healed himself holistically from agoraphobia, anxiety, depression and an eye disease (CSR).

He has since become one of the world’s leading advocates of sustainable, holistic, business performance. He was featured as a keynote speaker in 2016 by Northside Innovation, “The Future of the American Workforce”, presented by Dell and Microsoft.

Trainings, certifications and memberships



Our research proves that most people have about 4 hours of peak performance per day. Auditing and understanding how you use your time is a key factor in the impact you have on your business, family or cause. Time is the one universal equalizer. We all have 24 hours in a day. Allow 30,000 Feet to optimize how you, your team or your organization uses your 24.
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People and companies are brands at 30,000 Feet. Profitability in our ultra competitive and distracted world comes from agility, market sensitivity, sentiment analysis and many new tools. Complex people must understand how to invest in their employer and companies must understand how to invest in their customer for loyalty.
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Investment Protection

Before you take your next job or offer a job to someone understand that your time and reputation is being impacted. Team members and organizations that understand this and think more like a partnership receive a better ROI. Allowing your employees to thrive is the fastest way to jumpstart your cash flow and builds the strongest psychological contracts. Often time’s executives fail to optimize and protect their human capital investments and at 30,000 Feet we help solve this challenge.
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System Building

Doing things the way they have always been done will deliver the same results. Every organization and person has blind spots and 30K FT knows how to identify them. Often times proper onboarding and continued employee development is not a priority. Provide the training you need to take off and understanding key processes that holistically and technically opens up doors.
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